New York Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

from Dr. Leah Lagos

Gain control of your emotions, let go of stress, and enhance mental clarity

To truly optimize the way your body interprets and manages stress, you need to gain control over your physiology first and then train your mental state.”

- Dr. Leah Lagos

What is cognitive behavioral therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy used to treat a number of conditions, including depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, by addressing their root causes. Dr. Lagos’ approach to cognitive behavioral therapy enables clients to let go of the cognitive experience of negative emotions, and shift their focus to physiological sensations.

CBT enables individuals to recognize patterns of negative thinking and empowers them to shift their perspectives so they can respond to stressful or challenging situations more effectively.   

By addressing the source of negative or irrational beliefs, clients learn strategies to overcome them and improve the quality of their lives.

Cognitive Stress Management

CBT for stress management, and much more

A widely practiced form of talk therapy that may be combined with other treatment methods, CBT can be useful for those with anxiety, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), depression, sleep disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and other conditions.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has also been proven to be effective in producing changes in individuals looking for natural ways to manage stress, optimize their performance, or cope with situational stressors, such as facing an illness, mourning the death of a loved one, or getting through a difficult relationship.  

Dr. Lagos’ unique approach to cognitive and behavioral change

In a calm and collaborative setting, clinical and performance psychologist Dr. Lagos practices a mindfulness-based form of CBT that leads to improved health and optimized performance outcomes in her clients. 

Feelings of being stuck or afraid, or needing to be perfect are common, but, through CBT treatment, Dr. Lagos teaches clients how to develop the skill of challenging negative thought patterns, and how to modify their behaviors and reactions when facing stressful circumstances in order to live more satisfying lives.

Benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy

Clients who learn CBT techniques may realize several positive results, including: 

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