The heart is your window to emotional control

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”We all have the power to control how our hearts respond to stress and the ways in which we connect, compete, and lead during challenging times as well as in everyday life.” – Dr. Leah Lagos

Heart Breath Mind

Train Your Heart to Conquer Stress and Achieve Success by Dr. Leah Lagos, Psy.D.

Stress is not in your head, it’s in your body— this is the key to peak performance

In her book, Heart Breath Mind: Train Your Heart to Conquer Stress and Achieve Success, top performance psychologist Dr. Leah Lagos shares her groundbreaking program which has transformed people’s lives in the U.S. and around the world.

The book Heart Breath Mind is available in hardcover, ebook,
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The average person takes about 20,000 breaths a day. You would think we would be pros at it by now. We’re not.

The scientifically proven 10-week Heart Breath Mind protocol includes clinically tested exercises that allow you to control your body’s physical response to stress.  

This training, paired with easy-to-master cognitive-behavioral exercises, offers a safe and natural process for strengthening health and performance, enabling readers to respond more flexibly to stressful situations, let go of negative thoughts and emotions, and ultimately be more focused and confident under pressure.

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Heart Breath Mind Training on the Go

Sport and performance science expert Dr. Leah Lagos has developed an insights-driven program on the Elite HRV app!

The Heart Breath Mind program, is available for free for Apple and Android devices. 

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