”Maximizing performance and health starts in the heart and leads to the brain.” – Dr. Leah Lagos 

The background

Athletes and actors, CEOs and celebrities, parents and professionals, and entrepreneurs and authors have sought Dr. Lagos’ expertise around the world for improving health and performance. 

Through her New York City–based psychology practice, her high-performance consulting work, sport and biofeedback research, as well as her book Heart Breath Mind: Train Your Heart to Conquer Stress and Achieve SuccessDr. Leah Lagos empowers elite performers to deal with the demanding pressures of competition and gain control over how their minds and bodies perform during the most critical moments of their performances. 

Our experience is your advantage

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I have been in show biz for more than five decades, and I think my experiences have given me at least some skill in spotting talent. In Dr. Lagos, I see a whole lot of talent."

Grammy Award Winner & Former Member of The Band, "America"

Dr. Lagos helped my high school son become more confident, attentive, and social through biofeedback. It also helped him improve his varsity golf score by 15 strokes!

Mother of Adolescent Golfer, Bernardsville, NJ

From the moment I sit down in Dr. Lagos office, I can immediately feel my body relax and move towards what she calls 'resonance. Sometimes it feels like she is literally hugging me with her persona. And it feels really good...

Managing Director and Head of Investor Relations at Kelso & Company, New York, NY

Our work in addressing my mental weaknesses on the golf course has helped to transcend my game to a new level. A caring and loveable person, Dr. Lagos has helped me to overcome barriers in both sport and life through proper breathing, thinking, and focus enhancing strategies.

PGA Tour

I started working with Dr. Lagos because I was having trouble putting together a solid race piece on a consistent basis. Biofeedback strengthened my ability to control my muscle tension, thoughts, and unproductive anxieties and helped me to achieve my personal record in rowing.


Last year was the hardest year I ever had to conquer with losing my ability to participate in athletics due to a concussion and consistently having headaches and memory problems. Dr. Lagos introduced me to biofeedback, which helped me to gain control over my emotions, performance, and overall sanity. I can't express how grateful I am for everything that Dr. Lagos has done and shown me.


Dr. Lagos was there for me and my team at the University of Miami from day one. She took the time to understand my needs as a coach as well as the challenges that faced our players. She is not only a good listener, but a problem solver who helped to create solutions.

Head Coach of the US-Japan All-Star Team, Head Coach Women's Golf, University of Miami

Dr. Lagos made a great contribution to the athletes lives here on the UCSD track team. They became more healthy and less anxious due to her guidance and support.

Gold and silver Olympic medalist, Head Coach of the UCSD Track Team

I was so impressed with the positive effects our basketball team had from working with Dr. Lagos in biofeedback. [The team] proved to be less anxious, more focused, and performed at a higher level for a longer period of time. There was clearly less of a fatigue factor. It was so important that our athletes learned these breathing techniques to control their emotions.

Head Coach of Women's Basketball at St. Francis College

Dr. Lagos' work helped our golfers leam new ways to manage stress, improv health, and perform more effectively under challenge and pressure. I appreciated that she could introduce a process that everyone on our team could learn and benefit from together.

Head Coach of Men's and Women's Golf at Rutgers University

After working with Dr. Lagos, UM Rowing finished its highest ever at me mcc Championship regatta! The athletes matured as individuals and became more coachable. The positive implications of working with Dr. Lagos stretched from gains in grade-point averages to winning races!

Assistant Coach of Women's Rowing at University of Miami

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