New York Sport & Performance Psychology

Dr. Lagos offers consultations and physiological training to help athletes, performing artists, and leaders in business as well as finance, to navigate the mental as well as physiological path to peak performance.

Highly individualized support & training

You may seek to work with Dr. Lagos for a variety of performance related reasons. You may be having difficulty letting go after specific stressors.  You may feel that anxiety unravels countless hours or even years of your training, blocking you from achieving your highest level of aptitude. 

You may be struggling with intrusive thoughts or the inability to quiet your busy mind at critical performance moments. You may have a burning desire to continue to push past your current level of performance, with no specific challenge, but rather a quest for lifelong learning and self-improvement.  

Dr. Lagos is an empathic and intuitive psychologist who works closely with you to cultivate a path to exceptional performance.

psychology consultation

Methods will vary, as she personalizes the approach to meet the needs of each client, and may include:

What do health psychology sessions with Dr. Lagos involve?

To help you cultivate and efficient and effective plan for achieving your goals, your initial meeting with Dr. Lagos begins with a 60-minute assessment. In the last 10 minutes of this meeting, she will provide you with her individualized training recommendations to address your nuanced background and specific performance goals. 

You and Dr. Lagos will monitor your movement towards your goals on a regular basis. Further, Dr. Lagos will fine-tune your sessions to meet your dynamic and evolving needs. 

Themes that You May Address with Dr. Lagos:

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